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Weetabix is joining forces with the English Subbuteo Association’s England Squad ahead of this year’s Subbuteo World Cup and Eland Cables FISTF World Cup.

In the partnership, Weetabix is providing the team with breakfasts, new team jerseys, as well as supplying a finger coach and masseuse in the hopes of bringing home the trophy for the first time ever.

Weetabix’ partnership with the English Subbuteo Association is the first step in their endeavour to rebuild the nation bix by bix by giving Brits an advantage through a healthy* breakfast.

In a world dominated by screens, the game’s comeback is a refreshing shift to wholesome, old-school fun. As the game gains popularity, communities across Britain are rediscovering the joy of face-to-face interaction, rebuilding connections one flick at a time.

The England squad comprises of teams – Under 12’s, Under 16’s, Under 20’s, Open, Veteren and Women’s. All are hoping to beat the hot favourites and reigning champions Italy in the Eland Cables FISTF World Cup, returning to home soil in Tunbridge Wells in September this year, after the team knocked out England in the quarter finals of the 2022 World Cup in Rome.

Alan Lee, Chairman of the English Subbuteo Association, said: “The team’s spirits are high as we approach the tournament. There’s a sense of unity and purpose among us. With Tunbridge Wells hosting the event, there’s a special energy in the air and it feels like a homecoming. From our youngest players to our seasoned veterans, we’re united in our love for the game and our desire to bring home the gold. This tournament isn’t just about winning; it’s about representing our shared values and the joy the game brings us. Together, we’ll give it our best shot and make our supporters proud. We’re delighted to have Weetabix on board as sponsors and official breakfast partners and we’re hoping their Bix will give us that all important competitive edge.”

A Weetabix spokesperson said: “We at Weetabix are honoured to stand behind the England teams as they gear up for the Subbuteo World Cup. We believe that greatness starts at breakfast. And when you have a Weetabix breakfast, you can tackle whatever’s ahead – big or small. We are passionate about nutritious* breakfasts that will set you up for the day – and the English Subbuteo Association will certainly need their Weetabix to hopefully bring home the gold!”

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