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TSPA English National Circuit

TSPA English National Season 2023/24The TSPA English National Circuit are a series of Subbuteo Table Football Events that is organised by the Table Soccer Players Association to determine the TSPA Champion in Big Ball Subbuteo. The playing rules for the circuit will be TSPA Playing Rules. 


This circuit will have a series of 4 events spread around England with a point system that will build up a table for a season winner and a season table. below are this seasons host clubs and event dates are

  •  Round 1 - 17th March 2024 at the Gate Inn, Awsworth, Notts (Completed)

  •  Round 2 - 5th May 2024 at the Brooklands Sports Pavilion, Milton Keynes (Completed)

  •  Round 3 - 21st July 2024 at the Parish Hall Witherley, Leicestershire

  •  Round 4 - 6th October at the Fleckney Sports Club, Fleckney, Leicestershire

Known as Big Ball subbuteo, the TSPA is enjoyed each season by many players who attend its events and will be a popular competition on the circuit. The TSPA will hold its AGM on the 22nd of October, so dates and venues for this circuit will follow shortly after. Pitches will be Swiss T pitches mounted on boards. Goals will be metal, with a bar on the back. Playing figures, most figures are accepted, including Old and modern figures. 

TSPA Circuit Playing Rules PDF


Round One - The Gate Inn

Awsworth, Notts

Event Winner (Joint)

Marco Ghigliotti

Alan Lee

Rudi Peters

Colin Fletcher

Cat B Winner (Joint)

Simon Bodily

Steve Wonnacott


Round Two - Centre of

Excellence, Milton Keynes

Event Winner

Kevin Cordell

Event Runner Up (Joint)

Rudi Peterschinigg

Jeremy Bradley

Jason Christopher

Cat B  Winner

Steve Wonnacott


Round Three - Parish Hall

Witherley, Leicestershire

Event Winner


Event Runner Up


Cat B Winner



Round Four - Fleckney

sports Club, Fleckney

Event Winner


Event Runner Up


Cat B Winner


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