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It's not all about big tournaments and fancy stadiums! It’s been 252 days since their last club meet. That’s right, 252 days! The pandemic has taken its toll on us all in one way or another, with a few members unable to attend due to shielding, others unable to travel long distances and some no longer able to play. Despite the above, 4 Old Sods managed to get together to have a full days play. Some players were rusty, others have clearly spent their time wisely and honed their skills during the lockdowns that have been forced upon us all. The over-riding feeling is that it’s great to be back flicking the little plastic men and catching up with good friends. We’re fortunate to be able to play the game we all love and hope our friends at others clubs can get back flicking as soon as possible.


Richard 1 4 Adam

Andy 2 0 Swanny

Adam 1 1 Andy

Richard 0 3 Swanny

Richard 0 1 Andy

Adam 2 0 Swanny

Adam 0 1 Richard

Swanny 0 1 Andy

Andy 0 0 Adam

Swanny 4 0 Richard

Andy 0 0 Richard

Swanny 2 3 Adam

Final Table:

Andy > 12pts

Adam > 11pts

Swanny > 6pts

Richard > 4pts

Keeping it tight at the back and poaching a few goals as / when required means Andy finishes on top for the day. Once he’d shaken off the rust, it was like he had never been away from the table. Well played Andy!

Another player suffering from rustiness, Adam finished second place putting in some good performances with his shooting on form but suffering with a lackadaisical defence…..much like his beloved Spurs!

A few solid performances and some unlucky results (plus contentious decisions) sees Swanny finish in third spot for the day. He certainly knew where the goal was today, scoring a few belters! His key defenders let him down on a couple of occasions, we know what training drills they’ll be doing next week!

Last, but not least, Richard put in some huge performances today, taking a well deserved 3 points from Adam and ground out a point against Andy. He’s spent his time during lockdown wisely, training regularly and it can clearly be seen on the pitch. John may have his hands full in the next meeting between these 2! This meet saw Richard become the 3rd member of the ‘100 club’, having surpassed 100 games in total during this meet. In that time his win rate has improved from a lowly 2.44% back in December ‘18 to the heady heights of 11.54% today. Well done Rocket!

We’re hoping that we can get some more regular meets in over the summer months, lockdowns and shielding dependant. With the popularity of Subbuteo increasing over the past 18 months we may consider the capacity to increase our ranks to allow a few non club members join us for a meet. We’ll keep you informed if we do decide to do this in the future.

Until the next time, Pork Pie Fat Tongue!

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