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No Polishing - Subbuteo Old School - Event 3 in London

Updated: Apr 27, 2023

The London TFC hosted another Subbuteo Old School, ‘no-polishing’ event, which was attended by 7 Old School enthusiasts.

There was time to play five games each, and the April event saw Tony (I schooled them all) Banks undefeated and victorious! The outcome could have been different had it not been for a spectacular own goal by Simon (I can’t remember the last time I did that!) Goodman.

Victor (Late for school) Jones arrived after 30 minutes, and after getting off to a flyer with a 2-0 win over Vic, Steve (Just got schooled) Moreton succumbed to a 2-1 defeat from an on-form Tony.

Lee (You kicked it, you fetch it) Fenton, enjoyed his Old School experience, as did George (See you later) Slater.

Gianluca (The Headmaster) Zucchelli oversaw proceedings and indulged in a few games, with some creditable results.

Before we give the results, here are a few highlights.

The ‘own goal’?

Reviewing the action, it is clearly apparent that Tony’s left winger tripped over (deliberately) and puts off Simon’s right back. The sneaky left winger then places himself in the perfect position for a deflected shot, over the keeper. In Subbuteo, probably an own goal, but in 00-scale land, a quality piece of closing down by a figure that knew exactly what he was doing!

Here are a few pics, that show the action…

Zlatan Ibrahimović scoring in spectacular style.


Simon 2-0 Gianluca

Tony 1-0 Lee

Victor 2-0 Bye

Simon 0-1 Tony

Lee 0-0 Steve

Gianluca 3-0 George

Victor 0-2 Steve

Lee 0-1 Simon

Tony 3-0 George

Tony 0-0 Gianluca

Steve 2-0 George

Simon 2-0 Victor

Lee 0-0 Gianluca

Tony 2-1 Steve

George 0-4 Victor

Steve 1-1 Gianluca

Victor 2-0 Lee

Simon 2-0 George

Final table (2 pts for a win)

Player P W D L F A Pt

Tony 5 4 1 0 7 1 9

Simon 5 4 0 1 7 1 8

Victor 5 3 0 2 8 4 6

Steve 5 2 2 1 6 3 6

Gianluca 5 1 3 1 4 3 5

Lee 5 0 2 3 0 4 2

George 5 0 0 5 0 14 0

Now Tony gets a ring engraved to add to the trophy...

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