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New Solent League Starting Soon

Our new league (played under the World Amateur Subbuteo Players Association (WASPA) begins the first Wednesday in March 2024 at there lovely new venue, Southampton Amateur Rowing Club.

Club organiser Jason Christopher has said, This will be our first 'Open' League and we invite anyone who would like to compete in our League to apply. The deadline to apply by is February 28th 2024.

All league fixtures would be played on Wednesday evenings between 7pm - 10pm. Attendance fees £5 per night.

All competitors would be asked to commit to fulfilling all fixtures and would be expected to sign up to adhere to our Club Rules and Codes of Conduct.

I should add, that if anyone is interested in just coming as a guest any time, if you can’t commit to playing a full season every weds, then guests are always welcome. You’d even get your name immortalised on one of our pitches on the ‘wall of fame’

Please contact the Solent Club if you are interested via there Facebook page

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