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Elliott Bellefontaine and The Glide Slide Chip & Dip club have won the Glasgow IO after a superbly organised event by Tom Burns and David Gladman.

Elliott Bellefontaine bounced back from a first round loss to Steve Bennett in their group encounter to take the Glasgow International Open final 3-1 against Steve. In their group, Steve had the upper hand, with a 2-1 win. In the semi finals, Steve beat Alan Lee 3-1 (who had an incredible tournament beating Darren Clark 2-1 in his group), while Elliott edged England No1 Chris Thomas 2-1 in extra time.

Elliott celebrated his transfer to the Glide, Slide, Dip and Chip club with the individual and the team titles, as the GSDC took the teams event 1-0 in a closely fough battle against the Wobbly Hobby SC.

In the semi finals GSCD defeated Dundee, one of the most established teams in the UK. In addition Wobbly Hobby League did tremendously well to get to the final by beating Wolves through a dramatic semi final winner scored by Alan Lee against Richard Badger who was also the winner of the Plate. For the GSCD, It was their first tournament and event win after the squad disbanded a couple of years ago.

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