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A Great Weekend In Derry For The Irish Open 2024

It was another superb weekend in Derry for the Irish Open 2024, The Derry Table Football Club hosted it's annual event, where a strong field of players travelled for two days of Subbuteo Table Football action.

It was a great weekend for England international Elliott Bellefontaine who won the event on shots 2-1 after the match finish 0-0 against Austrian Wolfgang Haas.

Irish Open 2024 Winner Elliott Bellefontaine

Irish Open 2024 Runner-up Wolfgang Haas

Mick Hammonds also had a great run by getting to the Semi Finals of the main event and Victor Jones won the Shield Competition

Irish Open 2024 Shield Winner Victor Jones

Ruby Matthews also won the award of Best Junior for her excellent performance in the main event, only falling to Republic of Ireland international Mark Farrell in the last 16.

In the team event, it was another brilliant win for Elstow Lions who won all 5 of there matches, so a big congratulations to them.

Elstow Lions Subbuteo Club

Other teams from England competed, Wobbly Hobby and Yorkshire who finished 3rd and 4th respectively.

Wobbly Hobby Subbuteo Club

Yorkshire Phoenix Subbuteo Club

For more details about this fantastic event, please follow Derry's Facebook page Link Here

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