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The ESA to Host the Subbuteo FISTF World Cup in 2024

Updated: Sep 24, 2022

The English Subbuteo Association is delighted to announce that we will be hosting the Subbuteo FISTF World Cup 2024 in Tunbridge Wells, Kent. This is fantastic news for our game during the 75th anniversay of when the game was first invented by Peter Adolph.

The 2024 FISTF World Cup in Tunbridge Wells will create a lasting legacy for the English and World game. We have an estimated 3 million dormant Subbuteo and Table Football players in England alone. Our bid embraces our origins and our history and will reawaken and unite Subbuteo and Table Football fans from all over the world. We have the support of mainstream media to promote the event and the overwhelming and enthusiastic support of Tunbridge Wells Borough Council to host the event. In addition, we have the most experienced and proactive English Subbuteo Association Board ever - to organise and run the event with one aim – to deliver the best World Cup ever! Our bid is a celebration of our modern Sport, proud of our origins and proud of the journey we are on. Let’s bring Subbuteo back to Tunbridge Wells, let’s bring it home!

The English Subbuteo Association is raising money to host the "best ever" FISTF Subbuteo World Cup in Tunbridge Wells, England IN 2024. Read more & donate here -

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