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Kevin & Jamie Escape Chasers in Car Full of Silver

The Colchester duo, Kevin Cordell and Jamie Warren hit the heights this past Sunday with Kevin winning the main event and Jamie winning the Youth equivalent at the Chasers Club WASPA.

Gary Gladwell and his superb team at the Chasers Club pulled off another brilliant event on Sunday 15th of October where 38 players met at Rainham WMC for some epic Subbuteo Table Football Action. The players were split into adult and youth categories, Adults were drawn into 8 groups of 4 and the youths were put into a league of 6 players.

In the Adult event after some excellent group games, the players advanced into the Main Event, Plate & Shield competitions. Here are the results from the Semi final stages.

Main Event

Semi Finals

Kevin Cordell 1 v 1 Alan Lee - Kevin won 2 - 0 on shots.

Rudi Peters 2 v 0 Martin Bellefontaine


Kevin Cordell 2 v 1 Rudi Peters - Kevin won on Golden Goal.

Plate Event

Semi Finals

Mike Williams 2 v 1 Daniel McCormick

Peter Holmes 0 v 2 Steve Moreton


Mike Williams 0 v 0 Steve Moreton - Steve won 1 - 0 on shots.

Shield Event

Semi Finals

Mark West 0 v 0 Roger Duckworth - Mark won 2 - 1 on shots.

Samantha Levy 0 v 2 Thomas Lacey


Mark West 0 v 0 Thomas Lacey - Mark won 3 - 0 on shots.

In the youth league, this was how the final table looked with the top two going into the Grand Final

  1. Max Pereira 13pts +18 Goal Difference

  2. Jamie Warren 13pts +15 Goal Difference

  3. Connor Gregory 9pts

  4. Riley Duckworth 4pts

  5. Hadley Chapman 3pts

  6. Alex Fenton 1pt

Youth Final

Max Pereira 1 v 1 Jamie Warren - Jamie won on shots

For full knockout results please visit the ESA websites "current season results page" for details

Well done again to Chasers for another fine event.

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