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It's always an adventure when there's a gathering of the great and good at the Tithe Farm Sports and Social Club in Harrow. Five of the games most talented and respected players (no dogs) turned up to solve a mystery.

Who currently has the competitive 'edge' down Rayners Lane?

Hotly disputed, but in a good spirit as always, the five crossed fingers on two Extreme Works pitches to draw a conclusion in the first Harrow WASPA event of 2022.

Although Rudi Peterschinigg brought a stubborn rear-guard to the tables, only conceding two goals in four games, it was the free-scoring Alan Lee that landed the January title, hitting NINE goals, no less. Nothing wobbly about the 'big shooters' approach play!

Martin Hodds, like Rudi Peterschinigg, brought a defensively measured game to the boards, only conceding three goals.

Neil Doherty threatened in all four games but couldn't quite get over the line.

And Victor Jones made Alan Lee work hard for his title.

Final league positions hanging in the balance, the champion had to pull out all the stops to grab the better half of an uneven share of five goals in the last.

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