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Elstow Lions Roar To Subbuteofest 24 Team Victory

A big congratulations to Elstow Lions on victory at Subbuteofest 24. The team of Elliott Bellefontaine, Chris Thomas, Christian Short and Chris Bedford went unbeaten throughout the event, finally beating Flanders by three goals to nil in the final.

The team event took place on Sunday the 2nd of June and saw ten teams compete in three groups

here are the results from the group stages

Group 1

Wobbly Hobby 4 v 0 Kent Invicta B

Yorkshire A 4 v 0 Kent Invicta B

Wobbly Hobby 3 v 1 Yorkshire A

Group 2

Elstow Lions 4 v 0 Chasers

Kent Invicta A 2 v 1 Chasers

Elstow Lions 3 v 0 Kent Invicta A

Group 3

Wolves 4 v 0 Haverhill Scratch

Flanders 4 v 0 Yorkshire B

Wolves 2 v 0 Yorkshire B

Flanders 4 v 0 Haverhill Scratch

Wolves 2 v 1 Flanders

Yorkshire B 4 v 0 Haverhill Scratch

Here are the final group tables

The FISTF Main Event knockout stage Results

The FISTF Event Barrage Round

Kent Invicta A 0 v 4 Flanders

Wolves 2 v 2 Yorkshire A (Wolves win on golden goal)

The FISTF Event Semi Finals

Wobbly Hobby 1 v 2 Flanders

Elstow Lions 3 v 1 Wolves

The FISTF Event Final

Flanders 0 v 3 Elstow Lions

Geert Leys 1 v 3 Christian Short

Yves Peremans 1 v 1 Chris Bedford

David Wouters 1 v 3 Chris Thomas

Brandon Lavender 0 v 1 Elliott Bellefontaine

Jos Ceulemans

The Plate Event

In the Plate Event it was a massive well done to our Subbuteofest hosts Haverhill Scratch, with there team of Gerry Harrington, Joe Harrington, Marco Barqueiro and Rob Fitch who came out on top, winning all three Plate games .

The Plate Event Results

Round 1

Yorkshire B 2 v1 Chasers

Haverhill Scratch 3 v 1 Kent Invicta B

Round 2

Haverhill Scratch 2 v 1 Chasers

Kent Invicta B 3 v 1 Yorkshire B

Round 3

Yorkshire B 0 v 4 Haverhill Scratch

Kent Invicta B 2 v 0 Chasers

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