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A look back into the archives to 1986.

1986 in the world of football, Kenny Dalglish scored the only goal as Liverpool beat Chelsea at Stamford Bridge to win the First Division title. Ian Rush scored twice for Liverpool as they beat Everton 3–1 in the first-ever all-Merseyside FA Cup final where Liverpool became only the fifth club in history to win the league championship and FA Cup double. In Mexico, 25-year-old Diego Maradona helped his country defeat West Germany in the final off the World Cup, but also in that tournament he scored the infamous “hand of God” goal and one of the best solo goals the world has ever seen against England in the quarter final. Back in England, it was a strong line-up at the Ladbroke International Hotel, Wembley, for the English National Subbuteo Championships final on Sunday the 13th of April 1986, where Junior and senior Champions, would go forward to represent England at the Subbuteo World Cup in Athens, Greece. The event was sponsored by The Star Newspaper and Adidas who kitted out the referees for the finals, so this was a very prestigious event. Players travelled from all over the country to play in this exciting competition with a World Cup place at stake. The junior event Line-up saw current ESA chair Alan Lee who at the time was only 15 years old, he qualified for the event at the London Finals. Leading up to this, Alan had been Crook Log Champion for five years in succession and had to his credit the 1985 Balsall Common Title and 1984/86 London Regional titles to his name. Another famous Subbuteo name, who was also only 15 years old was Justin Finch, who was the 1985 English Championship Runner-up. In the Senior event it was a strong line-up with players like Darren Wise, Mike Parnaby and Darrell Dunscombe who has won regional titles and was English junior Champion Twice.

The Rules

· The matches were played to FISA Tournament Rules

· Match duration were 10 minutes per half.

· The group matches were played to a points system and in the event of a tie, goal difference would decide placings.

Here are the Group game scores.

Table One

Alan Lee 2-0 Andrew Clarke

Mike Parnaby 0-3 David Matthews

Daniel Green 3-2 Richard Greenwood

Alan Butler 1-0 Simon Davis

Andrew Clark 2-4 Andrew Hillerby

Allan Ewart 0-4 David Matthews

Table Two

Graeme Jones 3-1 Alan Butler

Andrew Hillerby 2-1 Paul Kiely

Allan Ewart 1-2 Mike Parnaby

Ian Cockhill 1-4 Justin Finch

Alan Butler 1-4 Darren Wise

Alan Lee 1-1 Paul Kiely

Table Three

Daniel Green 1-0 Ian Cockhill

Darren Wise 4-1 Simon Davis

Alan Lee 3-2 Andrew Hillerby

Darrell Dunscombe 2-2 David Matthews

Ian Cockhill 2-1 Richard Greenwood

Graeme Jones 2-1 Simon Davis

Table Four

Allan Ewart 1-6 Darren Duncombe

Richard Greenwood 1-2 Justin Finch

Graeme Jones 2-1 Darren Wise

Andrew Clarke 1-5 Paul Kiely

Darrell Dunscombe 1-3 Mike Parnaby

Daniel Green 0-1 Justin Finch

The Groups and how they finished.

Junior Group A

1. A Lee – 5Pts

2. A Hillerby – 5Pts

3. P Kiely – 3 Pts

4. A Clarke – 0Pts

Junior Group B

1. J Finch – 6Pts

2. D Green – 4Pts

3. I Cockhill – 4Pts

4. D Greenwood – 0Pts

Senior Group A

1. G Jones – 6Pts

2. D Wise – 4Pts

3. A Butler – 2Pts

4. S Davis – 0Pts

Group B

1. D Dunscombe – 5Pts

2. D Matthews – 5Pts

3. M Parnaby – 2Pts

4. A Ewart – 0Pts

Senior Final

Group A Winner G Jones v D Dunscombe Group B Winner

G Jones 1-1 D Dunscombe Full Time

G Jones 1-1 D Dunscombe After Extra Time

G Jones 3-3 D Dunscombe After Shots

G Jones 2-3 D Dunscombe Sudden Death Penalties

Darrell Dunscombe was the winner and had a World Cup place.

Junior Final

Group A Winner A Lee v Justin Finch Group B Winner

A Lee 0-1 Justin Finch

Justin Finch was the winner and had a World Cup place.

Please look at the attached PDF document below, this was a folder given to the players and organisers who attended this event. (Thank you Jason Christopher for this document)

The Star Subbuteo National Championships
Download PDF • 4.02MB

If you have any old Subbuteo event paperwork, then please don’t hesitate in contacting us at the ESA so we can share more past events.

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