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Simon Goodman is an Old School Subbuteo Champion

The English Subbuteo Association would like to announce and congratulate Simon Goodman as the winner of the ESA Subbuteo Old School Circuit for 2023/24 season. Simon has attended all six events, where he has won two of them and was runner-up at another two. The circuit winners best two results were taken into account, so Simon scored 200 points overall, edging Alan Lee into second place with 185 points.

Here is the final table with all six rounds of results included

The circuit was the brainchild of Simon Goodman and Gianluca Zucchelli, who’s collective ideas formed the bases for another circuit to be added to the event calendar in England, but this time a series dedicated to Old School Subbuteo. The set of events were a success with 46 players, playing in at least 1 event. Each event was supported and organised by six different Subbuteo clubs in England, and the ESA would once again like to thank each and every club and their members who gave up their time to put on some amazing days of old school subbuteo.

Gianluca and Simon who brought you the Old School circuit

Below are all the events and there winners and runners-up

Round 1 – London

Winner – Alan Lee

Runner-up – Simon Goodman

Plate Winner – Tony Banks

Round 1 Winner Alan Lee

Round 2 – Andover

Winner – Aaron Skinner

Runner-up – Alan Lee

Plate Winner – Steve Wonnacott

Round 2 Winner Aaron Skinner

Round 3 – Chasers

Winner – Jason Christopher

Runner-up – Valter Baroncini

Plate Winner – Stephen Moreton

Round 3 Winner Jason Christopher

Round 4 – Milton Keynes

Winner – Simon Goodman

Runner-up – Alan Lee

Plate Winner – Richard Roper

Round 4 Winner Simon Goodman

Round 5 – Leicester

Winner – Simon Goodman

Runner-up – Justin Finch

Plate Winner – Steve Wonnacott

Round 5 Winner Simon Goodman

Round 6 – Renishaw

Winner – Miguel Pereira

Runner-up – Simon Goodman

Plate Winner – Graham Harwood

Round 6 Winner Miguel Pereira

You will see Simon Goodman crowned as the Subbuteo Old School Circuit champion 2023/24 at Subbuteofest in June, along with all the Runners-up.

If you would like to get involved in next seasons Old School circuit, as a host club or as a player, then please keep following the ESA website and social media channels for all the details for 2024/25 season.

Check out this link to the ESA Subbuteo Old School Circuit website page English Old School Circuit | ESA (

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