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Old School Subbuteo Club in Caterham, Surrey

The English Subbuteo Association are proud to welcome another new start up club, this time in Caterham, Surrey. That Retro Place Subbuteo Club will be hosting Old School Subbuteo and everyone is invited. Here is all the info you will need.

That Retro Place Subbuteo Club

21 High Street,




The club will meet on one or two evenings every month, from 7pm until 10pm and full details will be published on there Facebook page, Click here for Facebook Link

You can also contact club organiser Richard Myers via email at or

The club has already started, with current 2024 ESA Old School Circuit leader Simon Goodman joining for a exciting evening of Subbuteo.

Some action from the club

If you're within driving distance of That Retro Place Subbuteo Club, then please go along for some fun Subbuteo action.

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