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Jason is Old School Chaser

This past Sunday 04/02/24 the ESA Old School Circuit rolled into Rainham Essex for Round 3, Gary Gladwell and his team at the Chasers Club hosted what was a fantastic and fun event with the Solent Clubs, Jason Christopher winning the event.

22 players entered the event with the competitors being spilt into 2 groups of 6 and 2 groups of 5 players. Here's how the final tables looked after the group stages.

Below are the results from the knockout rounds in the main event

Quarter Final

Semi Final


Below is the current ESA Old School Circuit table after 3 rounds

For full details and scores from this event (including the Plate event), please follow the link to the results page

Also for the Old School Circuit page where you can see the dates for the next rounds and passed winners, please follow the link

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