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Tony's Book is The Great Adventure

It’s great when we hear stories of fellow Subbuteo players achievements outside of the game, so a book release is no different. The Great Adventure: Al-Fayed’s Rollercoaster Ride with Fulham FC is a book by London Subbuteo Club player Tony Banks.

Tony's book is the fascinating tale of Mohamed Al-Fayed's 16-year reign at Fulham. The flamboyant Egyptian bought the club in 1997, promised to take them to the Premier League in five years, and did it in four. Along the way, Fulham tasted two promotions, European football, ten managers and numerous big signings.

Author Tony Banks. The Great Adventure.
Author Tony Banks

In a 35-year career on national newspapers, Tony Banks wrote about football for the Press Association, Today, The Sun, the Daily Express, the Daily Star and the Daily Mirror. He saw his first Fulham match in 1973, and covered the club intimately throughout the Al-Fayed era. He was London football correspondent on the Daily Express, and covered World Cups, European Championships and Champions League finals.

Former Fulham Player Kit Symons with a copy of Tony Banks book
Former Fulham Player Kit Symons

Above is former Fulham player Kit Symons who is holding a copy of Tony's book, if you would like to read Tony's look back at the reign of Fulham owner Mohamed Al-Fayed, you can buy the book from most good book shops or online at

Well done Tony, maybe a Subbuteo book next!

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