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The Tournament of the Unfortunate Finger!

OK - Imagine you've turned up for a WASPA event, and you discover you're by far the weaker player drawn in a 'Group of Death'...

Three games later and it's the plate, where you play an on-form punter who does you like a kipper! Game over. Do you show willing and watch the remainder of the games, like a die-hard enthusiast, or do you make your way home?

Not a decision you need to make at Pedmore TFC!

You get ready for your next game in the semi-final of the 'S'fortunato Finger Cup'! (The Tournament of the Unfortunate Finger!).

You are revitalised! You play an inspired game and get to the final where you play an entertaining game with Richard Roper and end up victorious!

Your name? Stuart Briffett. Your day? Magic! 😀

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