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The New Bristol League Flicks Off

Currently England has a number of midweek Subbuteo leagues in operation and this past Monday evening saw the start of Bristol Subbuteo Clubs new league season from there base at Bristol Manor Farm FC.

This season sees a record number of players travelling to Bristol on a Monday night to battle it out for glory. 27 players will travel, not only from our club base of Bristol, but as far as Wolverhampton, Cradley and Worcester from the north of the club to Torquay, Brixham and Waterlooville to the south, and Barry, Cardiff and Ross in the west, It really shows how the clubs competition is a great draw for top Subbuteo players. Below is the league structure and there players

Like last season the players will be placed into 3 divisions, the Premiership, the Championship and League 1. There will be 3 cup competitions, the Premiership Cup (Premiership players), the Gareth Thomas Memorial Trophy (Championship and League 1 players) and the Handicap cup, which will see higher league players starting with less players when drawn against lesser placed players.

It was a great opening night at Bristol Subbuteo Club with current Premiership champion Aaron Skinner taking a win and a draw from his first two games. In the Championship Matthew Rowley showed his class with one win and 2 draws and Taylor Randles started his League One campaign with 3 wins. Check in the pictures for all the results.

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