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King Kev Wins Chasers Spring Open WASPA

Another big congratulations to Kevin Cordell who beat Kye Arnold in the Spring Open WASPA at the Chasers Club in Rainham Essex.

22 players competed at the event organised by Gary Gladwell and his team at the Chasers Club. Below are how the group tables finished up

The players were then placed into the Main Event, Plate Event, and Shield Event depending on where they finished in the groups

The Main Event Knockout Results

Knockout Stages Quarter Finals

Adam Jackson 0 v 2 Jamie Warren

Kevin Cordell 3 v 0 Jason Christopher

Kye Arnold 1 v 0 Malcolm Jamieson

Connor Gregory 1 v 2 Gary Gladwell

Semi Finals

Jamie Warren 1 v 3 Kevin Cordell

Kye Arnold 4 v 1 Gary Gladwell


Kevin Cordell 3 v 0 Kye Arnold

The Plate Event Knockout Results

Plate Knockout Quarter Finals

Stephen Moreton 1 v 0 Terry Arnold

Nigel Morgan 1 v 0 Mark West

Neil Doherty 1 v 0 David Hunter

Lee Fenton 1 v 0 Whelband

Plate Semi Finals

Stephen Moreton 3 v 0 Nigel Morgan

Neil Doherty 1 v 0 Lee Fenton


Stephen Moreton 1 v 0 Neil Doherty

The Shield Event Best Of 3 Games Results

3x Shield Matches

Thomas Lacey 0 v 0 Mark Francis

Sam Levy 0 v 1 Martin Colwell

Stuart Briffett 5 v 0 Alex Fenton

3x Shield Matches

Stuart Briffett 2 v 0 Martin Colwell

Thomas Lacey 4 v 1 Sam Levy

Mark Francis 1 v 0 Alex Fenton

3x Shield Matches

Thomas Lacey 0 v 2 Stuart Briffett

Mark Francis 0 v 2 Martin Colwell

Sam Levy 1 v 1 Alex Fenton

Best of 3x Shield Matches

Stuart Briffett

There was also a special mention for the highest finishing youth player which was Jamie Warren who had some brilliant results, getting to the Semi Final of the Main Event which was an achievement of it's own.

You can see all the results from this event and the rest of this seasons by following this link to the ESA current results page current season results 2023/24 (

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