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Presenting the Brand New FISTF World Cup 2024 Pitch from Extreme Works

Unveiled to the public for the first time at Subbuteo Fest '23. It is our honor to present to you the official pitch of World Cup 2024.

Designed by the ESA's very own Peter Holmes and produced by Extreme Works, the Official Equipment Supplier of 2024, this is the pitch that will be used at the World Cup in Tunbridge Wells England, the home of Subbuteo in 2024.

It features the logo of the World Cup along with full-colour branded.

If you couldn't make it to Subbuteo Fest, you can watch the full live unveiling right here.

The initial feedback was been overwhelmingly positive and after both finalists agreed to play the Subbuteo Fest IO final on it, both players agreed its a great surface to play on. You can catch the final on the ESA social Page here.

If you wish to pre order a pitch contact Wobbly Hobby Shop @

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