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Solent, traditionally famous for hosting the international sailing event in 'Cowes Week', welcomed enthusiastic Subbuteo players at the Hedge End Social Club on Sunday 15 May for an 'Open WASPA'. A really well organised and presented event on the south coast. Well supported, much like the Solent club.

Lots of credit to Jason Christopher and Corey Martin, and all the team in green.

Sixteen players crossed fingers for a few hours in Solent and, after the four groups and knock out phase had concluded, it was Martin Bellefontaine that emerged triumphant with an emphatic display in the final. Bellefontaine found an early groove and stayed in it, scoring eighteen goals and conceding just four in six games.

In the supplementary knock out competition, it was Malcolm Jamieson that ruled, beating Chris Burford in the final. Jamieson also finished the day with an overall positive goal difference on the day, hitting the net ten times, conceding nine.

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