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Mons, Here We Come!

It's the eve of the Major Grand Prix of Frameries in Mons Belgium and players from around England and our friends from Wales are on there travels heading for Europe.

The ESA Chairman Alan Lee is the designated driver with a car full including Kevin Cordell, Rudi Peters and Brandon Lavender heading from the South East.

Heading from Bristol it's Aaron Skinner, Darren Clark and Welsh stowaway Darren Barnes, who are an hour into there 6.5 hours journey.

Part of the Kent Invicta team, Malcolm & Kyle Jamieson are entering the Euro Tunnel, travelling from Southampton

Finally it's our Welsh Friends Dave Samuel with John and David Lauder who only travel first class! from London, Heathrow Airport

Safe travels to all the players travelling over the weekend, good luck and have fun in Belgium.

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