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Just landed on Facebook and YouTube is a new Subbuteo platform by Sam Curtis called, Subbuteo With Sam

Subbuteo with Sam is for people who are wanting to know more about the game Subbuteo. This channel intends to bring you training drills, recorded matches and live matches when possible.

Sam has already started putting up some instructional training videos on his YouTube channel which you can find here Subbuteo With Sam YouTube

You can also follow this link to Sam's Facebook page Subbuteo With Sam Facebook

Sam said in his opening Facebook post: "Instructional training and guidance on how to improve has always been a rarity within our Sport (yes, I said sport). This has always bothered me and since returning to play in 2022, I've struggled to find anything to help me improve my own game.

Disclaimer, I'm not Flores and don't pretend to be better than I am, I'm well aware of my ability and where I stand but that doesn't stop me from wanting to improve, so the videos I put out are drills and techniques that have helped me since returning.

Hopefully, being more open about training and why we do certain things on a Subbuteo pitch will open up the community to be more sharing, which will then help others improve their own game.

Anyway I think that's all for now. I hope you find this page useful and I'm very open to suggestions of what people want to see or areas they want to improve in and I'll try my best to help in some way"



The ESA are pleased to support the work that Sam is doing with his channel and hopefully you will all subscribe and then try out some of Sam's excellent training video's in your practice sessions.

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