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Happy New Year

2022 has certainly been a busy year for the English Subbuteo Association and English Subbuteo.

The World Cup in Rome, where we partnered with Subbuteo the brand, featured one of our biggest squads in recent years and I’m very proud to say, included 10 debut players and an Under 20 team.

We have also successfully bid to host the next World Cup, to be held in 2024 in Tunbridge Wells, the birth place of Subbuteo. Planning is already underway for the event, which will feature the FISTF World Cup along with a traditional and Flats tournament and some other exciting fringe events, to be announced soon.

The ESA board has grown and now represents the whole community, with the exciting appointments of Peter Holmes, Stewart Grant, Gianluca Zucchelli, Jason Christopher and more recently Stephen Moreton who joins us as Director of Old Subbuteo.

I’m also proud of the growth of our club network, which has more than doubled since the lockdown.

We’ve introduced Regional Organisers who are now there to support start up clubs and the growth and development of existing clubs. We also lead the world on the WASPA circuit. We are currently the top WASPA Nation, Individual, Junior, Club and Development Club on the world rankings. Well done to you all.

We have also introduced a new website, featuring club profiles, event calendar, news, rules, (including the new Rules App), forum, the solo game, Goal of the Month and much more. Check it out here

And finally we have reintroduced the English Circuit with events all over England, Subbuteofest (Old Rules and FISTF International Open), The UK and Ireland Club League, The English Grand Prix, an International Open in Yorkshire and The English Championships, 6 Regional events in the South, Midlands and the North.

The English Subbuteo Association is there to support you and the development of the game in England. We invite you to come and join us in 2023.

Happy New Year to you all!!

Alan Lee

Interim Chairman

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