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Former England International returns in style…

Yesterday evening the Woburn Casuals hosted their inaugural Woburn ‘Waspa’ event with former England International Ian Aggett coming out on top at the The Woburn Hotel.

Ian Aggett 3-0 Greg Lickorish

Sam Guilmard 2-1 David Parsons

Ian Aggett 1-0 Graham Harwood

David Parsons 0-0 Greg Lickorish

Ian Aggett 2-0 Sam Guilmard

Greg Lickorish 0-3 Graham Harwood

Sam Guilmard 0-3 Graham Harwood

David Parsons 0-3 Ian Aggett

Greg Lickorish 1-0 Sam Guilmard

Graham Harwood 2-0 David Parsons


Ian Aggett 12pts

Graham Harwood 9pts

Greg Lickorish 4pts

Sam Guilmard 3pts

David Parsons 1pt

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