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FISTF English Grand Prix Player List

With the English GP only days away, the excitement is now building for this most prestigious event that will bring some of the top players from the UK and Europe to the

Flitwick Leisure Centre,

Steppingley Road,



MK45 1TH

Doors will open at 8am for Saturday’s individual event and games will flick off at 8:30am. There will be several different events taking place and full tournament structure and details will follow soon, but for now here are the players who will be attending.

The Open Players

Paul Lawrenson

Shaun Dunne

Dan Nicholls

Sam Curtis

Simon McMurray

Chris Thomas

Chris Short

Stuart Briffett

Mick Hammonds

Steve Wonnacott

Kyle Jamieson

Mike Williams

Rob Jones

Graham Harwood

Kevin Cordell

Adam Douglas

Kye Arnold

Andy Fitzpatrick

Joe Harrington

Abdel Rouis

Justin Scott

Ian Sharp

Brendan Ashley

Mark Farrell

Elliott Bellefontaine

Chris Bedford

Christian Haas

Matt Lampitt

Eoin Adams

Adam Lundy

Steffen Despretz

Geoffrey Marain

Matthias Averlant

Remi Soret

Lucas Pere

Jan Segers

Lea Despretz

Faycal Rouis

Florian Giaux

Raphael Pommier

Bessim Golger

Mauro Camilleri

George Ebejer

Terje Ellefsen

Thomas Lacey

Miguel Pereira

Simon Bodily

Wolfgang Haas

Gabriele Silveri

Adam Jackson

Samantha Levy

The Veterans

Martin Hodds

Jeremy Bradley

Robert Green

Vicky Lewis

Jeremy Boothman

Tony McCann

Aaron Skinner

Terry Arnold

Gerry Harrington

Neil Doherty

Rudi Peterschinigg

John Turpin

Justin Finch

Olivier Pere

Bob Varney

Jason Christopher

Malcolm Jamieson

Richard Roper

Martin Holmes

Martin Hill

David Everitt

Cayne Matthews

Jason Pisani

Thierry Vivron

Eric Naszalyi

Simon Goodman

John Zammit

Steve George

Martin Colwell

Marco Ghigliotti

Alan Lee

Paul Andreas

Under 20s

Lucas Pere

Lea Despretz

Jan Segers

Under 16s

Connor Gregory

Daniel Kaliszewski

Alex Scott

Louis Soret

Ruby Matthews

Under 12s

Louis Haas

Johannes Haas

Max Pereira

Hadley Chapman


Lea Despretz

Vicky Lewis

Ruby Matthews

Samantha Levy

Day two of the GP will see 17 teams competing for glory in the team event, once again arrival time will be 8am ready for an 8:30am flick off. There is a strong field where exciting new team Elstow Lions will make their team debut, they will be joined by Subbuteofest winners Hennuyer, who will travel with an A and B team as will Yorkshire, Wolves, Wobbly, and Kent who have an army in toe with three teams, also a special mention goes to Kettering Flicking Marvellous who are also a new team playing in there first event, so we wish them all the luck for the day. below is the full team list.

The Teams

Yorkshire Phoenix A

Yorkshire Phoenix B

TSPA White Star

Wolverhampton A

Wolverhampton B

Kent Invicta A

Kent Invicta B

Kent Invicta C

Irish Premier League

Elstow Lions

Hennuyer A

Hennuyer B

Wobbly Hobby A

Wobbly Hobby B

FTC Caen

Kettering Flicking Marvellous

Bormla Subbuteo Club

All other event details will follow in the coming days, so check the ESA website and social media pages for news as it happens.

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