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Coming Soon, The ESA Old School Circuit

Updated: Sep 18, 2023

English Old School Subbuteo Season 2023/24

The ESA Old School Circuit are a series of Subbuteo Table Football Events that is organised by the English Subbuteo Association to determine the ESA Champions in Old School Subbuteo. The playing rules for the circuit will be ESA Old School Playing Rules (developed from Subbuteofest 23)

This circuit will have a series of 6 to 8 events spread around England with a point system that will build up in a table to find a season winner.

Pitches will be preferably original Subbuteo Cloth pitches (cloth put on any kind of board on any kind of Astro/Extreme etc) but original old Subbuteo Astropitch are allowed too. Goals preferably metal with a bar on the back or Subbuteo WC plastic goals, otherwise Subbuteo plastic goals. Equipment, all Subbuteo pre Hasbro and replicas are admitted including Top Spins, Santiago, Lux, Colpani for old Subbuteo. Traditional flats are admitted both celluloid and cardboard, both Subbuteo and Swiss. Goalkeepers must match the team: Flats with flats and 00 with 00.

We are currently working on suitable dates for the 23/24 Old School circuit and would welcome offers from clubs who would like to host one of these special events. For those that would like to host, then please do not hesitate to contact Gianluca at for more details.

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