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The England Team

Tunbridge Wells the home town of the Eland Cables FISTF World Cup and the subbuteo world cup 2024 - Friday 20th September to Sunday 22nd September 2024

This is where you will find all the latest news from the England team going into the eland cables fistf world cup tunbridge wells 2024As the host nation and with the ever growing popularity of Subbuteo Table football in the country, the nation dare to believe "it's coming home"

England Manager
Darren Clarke

A few words from the boss; With 6 months to go it is great to see more of our experienced players returning to the game and increasing our selection options which can only improve our chances at TW 24.

Ruby Matthews and Max Pereira remain the stars of our squad, however results in Europe have been improving across all categories this season which is encouraging in a World Cup year.

Squad selection will take place end of June to give our selected players as much time as possible to prepare.
The ESA selection committee will select our squad based on performances and results whilst also considering conduit. Although an amateur game/sport when selected to represent the ESA and English Subbuteo we have a responsibility to be the best versions of ourselves both on and off the table.
Individual Event
England Open Players
Kasper Bennett, Elliott Bellefontaine
England Open Players in Reserve
Chris Short, Matt Lampitt

Continued; We should remain measured in our expectations- ambitious and determined absolutely yes. In general English subbuteo does not carry a comparable strength to that of the English men’s or woman’s Football teams, however, our better players do have a chance to win in almost every game they will play.


Beyond the individual tournament the team events will provide our youth, open and veteran categories with an opportunity to impress.


It is important to remember that subbuteo does not define us as people, it’s a game/sport/passion we play for pleasure first and we must always remember this.


We are playing at home with little expectation from the wider subbuteo world, therefore we can play with a smile, free from pressure and with respect - let’s see what happens!…

Individual Event
England Veteran Players
Darren Clark, Bob Varney
England Veteran Players in Reserve
Justin Finch, Aaron Skinner
World_Cup_Panini_Page_Womens Individual.jpg
Individual Event
England ladies Players
Sam Levy, Frankie Bellefontaine
England Ladies Players in Reserve
Amy Horncastle, Shell Claydon
Individual Event
England Under 12 Players
Hadley Chapman, Max Rahman
England under 12 Player in Reserve
Reggie Cramer, Fraser Chapman 
World_Cup_Panini_Page_Under 12s Individual.jpg
World_Cup_Panini_Page_Under 16s Individual.jpg
Individual Event
England Under 16 Players
Ruby Matthews, Alex Scott
England under 16 Players in Reserve
Connor Gregory, Jamie Warren
Individual Event
England Under 20 Players
Gage Badger, Riley Duckworth
England under 20 Player in Reserve
Alex Fenton
World_Cup_Panini_Page_Under 20s_Individual.jpg
Team Event
England open Team Players
Kasper Bennett, Chris Thomas,
Elliott Bellefontaine, Chris Short,
Matt Lampitt, Kevin Cordell

England open team Player in Reserve
Sam Curtis
Team Event
England veteran Team Players
Darren Clark, Bob Varney
Justin Finch, Rudi Peterschinigg,
Mick Hammonds, Aaron Skinner
World_Cup_Panini_Page_Womens Team.jpg
Team Event
England Ladies Team Players
Frankie Bellefontaine, Sam Levy,
Amy Horncastle, Shell Claydon
Team Event
England under 12 Team Players
Hadley Chapman, Max Rahman,
Reggie Cramer, Fraser Chapman
World_Cup_Panini_Page_Under 12s_Team.jpg
World_Cup_Panini_Page_Under 16s_Team.jpg
Team Event
England under 16 Team Players
Ruby Matthews, Alex Scott,
Connor Gregory, Jamie Warren
Team Event
England under 20 Team Players
Gage Badger, Riley Duckworth,
Alex Fenton
World_Cup_Panini_Page_Under 20s_Team.jpg
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