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Wobbly Hobby Club League

Updated: Nov 14, 2023

The Wobbly Hobby Club League is to be held in Redhill, Surrey, on 18th and 19th November. Contact: Alan Lee for more information and to register your team.

The Venue


Travelodge is situated opposite the venue in Redhill town centre.


The Wobbly Hobby League is the UK and Ireland Club League. This year's event will be hosted by Surrey Saracens SC and sponsored by the Wobbly Hobby Shop Tchaaa4 and Extreme Works Table Soccer.

The event will start at 10am, doors will be open from 9.30am.


2 Divisions

Registration Fee

The registration fee is £50 per team. Payment must be made via Paypal to to secure your place in the competition. Please add,  ‘Registration to the UK Club League’ on the payment notes.

General Conditions

B Teams may be permitted depending on participating club numbers, subject to the organisers prior approval.

Full refunds will be given to each club if the event is cancelled or postponed.

The event will be played to FISTF playing rules and FISTF team event rules. All players must be FISTF registered to their National Association.

Players can only play for their FISTF or usual casual club unless the club is not participating or is a non UK and Ireland club.

Non UK and Ireland club based players and non participating club players can play for their nearest geographical club to their home location, unless there are special circumstances, which will be considered and agreed by the organisers prior to the event.

All clubs must register player names to the Organisers by 7th November 2023.


Yorkshire Phoenix

Paul Lawrenson

Martin Hodds

Mark Farrell

Sam Curtis

Glasgow STFC

Tom Burns

Malc Lees

John Halpin

Dave Gladman

Wolverhampton TFC

Justin Scott

Rich Badger

Gage Badger

Mick Hammonds

Chris Bedford

Harrow Hawks

Victor Jones

Paul Andreas

Alan Lee

Neil Doherty

Panos Stemitsiotis

Dimitri Stemitsiotis

Rudi Peterschinigg

Kent Invicta

Terry Arnold

Kye Arnold

Dave Collier

Martin Colwell

Steve George

White Star

Jeremy Bradley

Kev Dyson

Bob Green

Rob Paterson

Jeremy Boothman

Cardiff Bluebirds TFC

Aaron Skinner

Dave Samuel

David Lauder

Darren Barnes

Stanway Rovers Flickers SC

Kevin Cordell

Adam Douglas

Marco Ghigliotti

Alberto Borsani

Ian Welby

Derry City TFC

Oisin Mor

Martin Og Bradley

Gareth Christie

Jason Christopher


Pedmore TFC

Simon Bodily

Rich Roper

Graham Harwood

Rob Jones

Alex Scott


Malc Jamieson

Steve Smith

Nigel Pestelle

Paul Izard

Chris Burford

Woburn SC

Ian Aggett

Phil Holmes

John Cooper

David parsons

Dewsbury Moor TFC

Tony McCann

Eoin Adams

Ian Sharp

Brendan Ashley

Andover & Solent

Connor Gregory

Dave Hunter

Kyle Jamieson

Roger Duckworth

Riley Duckworth

Tim Hill

Nigel Morgan


John Lauder

Steve Wonnacott

Craig Purnell

Taylor Randles

Stuart Briffett

Bob Fairbrother

Glasgow Table Flickers

Willie fleming

Chad wright

Brian spoors


Gary Gladwell

Adam Jackson

Mark West

Mark Francis

Steve Moreton

Dave McCartney

Billy Attwood

Jason Kettley

Jerry Whelband

London/Surrey Saracens SC

Gianluca Zucchelli

Tony Banks

Lee Fenton

Alex Fenton

Simon Goodman


Andy Fitzpatrick

Daniel Fitzpatrick

Gerry Harrington

Marco Barqueira

Joe Harrington

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