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Subbuteo On YouTube

Updated: Mar 9

There is so much Subbuteo out there online, so, of course, there are hours to watch on Youtube. Here we break down some of the best channels to watch.

Paul Eyes -

One of, if not, the best resources for learning how to play Subbuteo

Subbuteo Collector -

As he calls it, "The Original Subbuteo Blog". There are stadium tours, unboxings of new and old products, rules and everything in between. If its Subbuteo, it's on there.

Gasbbuteo Tabletop Football -

All things Subbuteo from playing collecting and stadium building from the TikTok sensensation

Watsies Subbuteo art -

Not only is there Fantasy Football there is talk about the game with regular guests from the Subbuteo world and brilliant entertainment from Derry boys

Subbuteo - Game of the Day -

Fantasy leagues are played out purely for fun with some of the most entertaining commentaries you hear over a game Subbuteo

Yanez Subbuteo's Life -

Italian Web TV Subbuteo, covering everything Subbuteo in Italy

Westwood Table Soccer -

Want to know how to paint Subbuteo. All the tips are here, from restoration to how to paint hoops. It's all here from one of the best painters in the game

Subbuteo-trailblazers -

New in-depth interviews with faces of game and community.

Dean’s Subbuteo Match Days -

From football to cricket, it's all here match play unboxings and talking about Subbuteo

Net Flicks - The Subbuteo Show -

The lockdown podcast, with Cal, Watsie, Stew and Stephen. They never agree on anything except a love of Subbuteo.

Table Top Years -

The magazine show are no longer uploading to Youtube but their old episode talking all Table Football Games are all still there

Did we miss any of let us know on our social pages. And don't for forget to subscribe to our channel

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