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Stewart Grant was Talk of our Sport

If you haven’t already heard, the English Subbuteo Association’s Stewart Grant was a guest on yesterday’s number one sports radio station, TalkSPORT, where he appeared on the H&J Show to talk about the up-and-coming FISTF Subbuteo World Cup that is coming home to Tunbridge Wells, England in September 2024.

Hosts of the show, Paul Hawksbee and Andy Jacobs were intrigued when they heard that the World Cup of Subbuteo was being played in England after a piece of news was published in the Sun newspaper, see below.

“England have been confirmed as co-hosts of the euro 2028 but football is coming home next year. The Subbuteo World Cup will be staged next September in the Kent town of Tunbridge Wells. It is the birthplace of the game, which has enjoyed a renaissance since covid”.

Stewart Grant
Stewart Grant

Stewart was quizzed on all aspects of how, where, and why the Subbuteo World Cup is coming back to England in 2024 and he answered all the questions in the most passionate way which reflects the current mood in the ever-growing subbuteo community, here are some comments from various Subbuteo pages and groups about Stewarts interview.

“Well done Stew, I had a message from someone that was listening, he hadn't played for 30 years and wants to join the Bristol club”.

Martin Hoods

“Wow. @Stew Grant that was just remarkable, brilliant piece of work that mate”.

Peter Holmes

“You really did smash that mate; it came across as if you were commanding that interview.”

To find out more details about the up-and-coming Subbuteo World Cup, then follow the link to the World Cup page on our website

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