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It's time for Mons 2024

This Coming weekend will see a host of talent, both young and old head into Belgium to compete in the Major Grand Prix of Frameries. The event is known as the biggest Subbuteo Table Football event in the world and Olivier Pere, event organiser, and his team will welcome over 226 players from 17 different countries from around the world.

The event will be spilt into different categories, including, The Open, Veterans, Women’s, and a number of different youth events on day one, with team events happening on day two.

The English Subbuteo Association are very proud to have a host of English players making the trip to Mons and we wish all the traveling players the very best of luck. Here are the English players and the category they are competing in.

The Open Event

Kevin Cordell

Mick Hammonds

Miguel Pereira

Richard Badger

Kye Arnold

Thomas Lacey

Kyle Jamieson


Veterans Event

Bob Varney

Darren Clark

Rudi Peterschinigg

Alan Lee

Aaron Skinner

Cayne Matthews

Terry Arnold

Jason Christopher

Martin Colwell

Malcolm Jamieson



Gage Badger



Ruby Matthews



Max Pereira


Sunday's Team Event

Wobbly Hobby Subbuteo Club

Kent Invicta TFC "A"

Kent Invicta TFC "B"

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