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FISTF Transfer Window Closed

With the FISTF transfer window now slammed shut, there has been a hive of activity in England with several high profile moves taking place.

Christian Short and Chris Bedford have left reigning Wobbly Hobby League Champions, Wolverhampton TFC to join new club, Elstow Lions, with manager Elliott Bellefontaine being the most active manager in the market, where he looked to fill his squad with players with international experience, so along with Christian and Chris, he added Brian Butterworth, Colin Tarry, Martin & Francesca Bellefontaine, overseas players Christian & Wolfgang Haas and free agents Matt Lampit and England’s number one Chris Thomas making Elstow the team to watch. Other notable moves have scene Miguel Pereira and Cayne Matthews leave Wobbly Hobby for Kent Invicta and Yorkshire respectively, and Malcolm Jamieson and Jason Christopher also Joining a strong Kent squad.

In the youth ranks, up and coming player Jamie Warren who has burst on to the scene with some brilliant performances has moved to Wobbly Hobby, where he has taken the youth spot vacated by England Superstar Ruby Matthews who has moved to Hennuyer in Belgium to play in Oliver Pere’s fantastic youth program, where she can maintain her high-level play leading up to the World Cup 2024 in Tunbridge Wells.

Below are this season’s active English FISTF Teams and their squads, overseas players in brackets (OSP)

Chasers (Chadwell Heath & South Essex, Romford Subbuteo) Club

· Gary Gladwell

· Mark Francis

· Adam Jackson

· Samantha Levy

· David McCartney

· Stephen Moreton

· Mark West

Elstow Lions TFC

· Elliott Bellefontaine

· Martin Bellefontaine

· Francesca Bellefontaine

· Brian Butterworth

· Matt Lampitt

· Christian Short

· Chris Thomas

· Matthew Thomas

· Colin Tarry

· Chris Bedford (OSP)

· Christian Haas (OSP)

· Wolfgang Haas (OSP)

Kent Invicta TFC

· Terry Arnold

· Kye Arnold

· Adam Douglas

· Kyle Jamieson

· Thomas Lacey

· Daniel McCormick

· James McCormick

· Miguel Pereira

· Tim Bowen (OSP)

· Chris Burford

· Jason Christopher

· Dave Collier

· Martin Colwell

· Steve George

· Paul Izard

· Malcolm Jamieson

· Stephane Lambert (OSP)

· Terje Ellefsen (OSP)

· Hadley Chapman

· Max Pereira

· Connor Gregory

· Harry Parsons

TSPA White Star

· Jeremy Bradley

· Jeremy Boothman

· Kevin Dyson

· Colin Fletcher

· Rob Paterson

· John Turpin

· Anders Grorud (OSP)

Wobbly Hobby Subbuteo Club

· Alan Lee

· Kevin Cordell

· Dan Nicholls

· Isaac Sam Camilleri (OSP)

· Patrick Sheridan (OSP)

· Neil Doherty

· Marco Ghigliotti

· Simon Goodman

· Rudi Peterschinigg

· Aaron Skinner

· Emanuel Camilleri (OSP)

· Vicky Lewis

· Finley Skinner

· Jamie Warren

· Victor Jones

Wolverhampton TFC

· Justin Scott

· Mick Hammonds

· Richard Badger

· Simon McMurray

· Graham Harwood

· Richard Roper

· Paul Taylor

· Mark Weaver

· Stephen Wonnacott

· Stuart Briffett

· Adam Lundy (OSP)

· Simon Bodily

· Robert Jones

· Craig Purnell

· Gage Badger

· Alex Scott

Yorkshire Phoenix TFC

· Paul Lawrenson

· Samuel Curtis

· Shaune Dunne

· Rob O’Hare (OSP)

· David Russell

· Ben Staples

· Mark Farrell (OSP)

· Trevor Cummings (OSP)

· Shaun Kidsley (OSP)

· Brendan Ashley (OSP)

· Andrew Boyer

· Brian Daley

· Craig Heward

· Martin Hodds

· Cayne Matthews

· Tony McCann

· Mike Parnaby

· Nick Pearson

· Ian Sharp

· Eoin Adams (OSP)

· Stuart McIlroy (OSP)

· Jon Henning Bergane (OSP)

· Kevin Adderley

With the English Grand Prix only a week away, we all are looking forward to see how are English team fair against Europe's finest teams.

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