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Updated: Apr 26

English Organisers are encouraged to contact Alan Lee to add events and event posters to the 2023 Calendar. The Calendar will show all ESA Events, including the English Championships, UK FISTF International Opens, TSPA Events, UK Club WASPA Opens and European FISTF Major and Grand Prix events.

29th 30th April FISTF IO YORKSHIRE- INDIVIDUAL AND TEAM Contact Paul Lawrenson. Full details

29th 30th April FISTF GP Bormla- Individual and Team. Full details

1st May (Early May BH) OLD SCHOOL SUBBUTEO WASPA - At the London Subbuteo Club. "GIRELLO CHAMPIONSHIP" a non-polishing, baize pitch, large ball nostalgia event. Contact Stephen Moreton or Gianluca Zucchelli.

7th May The Haverhill Rovers TFSC Kings Cup- Open WASPA restricted to 32 players. Contact Gerry Harrington

13th-14th May FISTF MAJOR BOLOGNA- Individual and Team. Full details

14th May Andover Subbuteo Club WASPA Open- Contact Chris Burford

20th 21st May FISTF Golden GP Malta Full details

20th 21st May FISTF GP Mallorca Full details

21st May RENISHAW OLD SUBBUTEO CUP- Contact Andrew Forster Fake

25th 26th May FISTF GP Reggio Emilia Full details

4th June TSPA EVENT 3, At the Parish Hall, Chapel Lane, Witherley CV9 3LR. Contact Jeremy Bradley

10th 11th June FISTF Golden GP Athens Individual and Team. Full details

11th June Collectors' Fair organised by Leicester Foxes SC at Friar Lane Baptist Church Hall, Hallam Crescent East, Leicester LE3 1FH. Admission £2 that includes raffle entry. Please contact

17th 18th June FISTF GP Messina Individual and Team. Full details


Round 5 Midlands- Chesterfield SC, Contact Andrew Forster Fake

24th June Old School Subbuteo "Yanez Subbuteo's Life Cup 2023" WASPA tournament at the London Subbuteo Club. On Subbuteo Astropitch, medium balls, HW originals and replicas only. Contact Gianluca Zucchelli or Steve Moreton.

24th 25th June FISTF IO Derry- FISTF Individual and Team. Full details

1st 2nd July FISTF MAJOR ATHENS- FISTF Individual and Team. Full details


Round 6 South West-Bristol SC, Contact Aaron Skinner

9th July- Chasers SC FISTF Team Event, Contact Gary Gladwell

9th July- The Centre Spot Open WASPA Contact and Registration to be confirmed.

15th 16th July FISTF GP Germany- Individual and Team. Full details

29th-30th July FISTF IO SUBBUTEOFEST 23- Individual and Team and Old Subbuteo, Contact Alan Lee

30th July SUBBUTEOFEST 23 Collectors Fair, free to stall holders- Contact Alan Lee

10th September Leicester Foxes Open WASPA, Contact Alex Ashcroft

16th-17th September EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIPS Full details

24th September Chesterfield Autumn Open- TBC Contact Andrew Forster Fake

7th-8th October FISTF ENGLISH GP- Individual and team event- Contact Martin Hodds

15th October Chasers Autumn Open WASPA- Rainham WMC contact Gary Gladwell

21st 22nd October FISTF GP Gibraltar- Individual and Team. Full details

22nd October TSPA Event 4 venue - Stourbridge Golf Club, Worcester Lane, Pedmore, Stourbridge DY8 2RB - Contact Jeremy Bradley.

28th-29th October FISTF Europa League & Champions League Full details

18th-19th November WOBBLY HOBBY LEAGUE UK & IRELAND CLUB LEAGUE- 2 Day Team Event- Contact Alan Lee

18th-19th November FISTF GP De Caen. Full details

9th 10th December FISTF MAJOR MILAN- Individual and Team. Full details

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